Sermon & Sunday School (5/1/16)

This past Sunday, we continued going through the Gospel According to Mark in Sunday School by looking at Mark 3:31-35 and Mark 4:10-12. In the first section, Jesus teaches about the primacy of the Kingdom in relation to family. And in the second section, He addresses the issue of parables and their role in the revelation of the Kingdom. Ultimately, even our understanding of the truth is a gift from God – just like our salvation. Notes and audio can be found here and here.

We also continued our sermon series through Revelation by looking at Revelation 6. In this text, we get a symbolic picture of the time leading up to the very edge of the end of all things. Trials and tribulations build and mount until the arrival of the day of the Lord. We see very clearly the sovereignty of God – as well as the clear results of both opposing Him and trusting Him. Notes and audio can be found here.