No One Left Behind

If you have the time, I would recommend this blog post to you. It is a wonderful meditation on the fact that Christians are not supposed to be concerned merely for themselves but also for others who call themselves Christians. The moment we are born again and made new creations by the power and grace of God, we are immediately made part of the larger body of Christ. We become part of something larger. Whether we realize it or not – whether we like it or not, we immediately have responsibility to other Christians and they have responsibility to us. Put simply: we owe each other things because we are brothers and sisters in Christ. The article is a wonderful reminder of that.

As I read it, I also was reminded of an extremely important truth. Aside from Christians having a “no man left behind” mindset, we should remember that such a mindset is, first and foremost, a distinguishing mark of our Savior, Jesus Christ and of the Father who sent Him. Before we ever turned to Him, Jesus declared, “I give them eternal life, and they will never perish, and no one will snatch them out of my hand. My Father, who has given them to me, is greater than all, and no one is able to snatch them out of the Father’s hand” (John 10:28-29). Notice: it is Jesus who refuses to leave anyone behind. He will not let anyone or anything take us away from Him.

But there is even more: not only will Jesus refuse to let anyone snatch us, He also has promised never to cast us off Himself (John 6:37). No one can take you from Him, and He will never kick you out either. This is a glorious truth. Why would He be so committed to us? It is because His glory is at stake. If someone could snatch us, that person would be greater than Jesus. If Jesus were to cast us off, it would be a declaration – or at least give the impression – that He was incapable of bringing us all the way home. God is determined to proclaim His glory – His power and wisdom and ability and mercy – by the way that He saves us, keeps us, and transforms us.

So, brother or sister, consider this: Jesus has promised that you will not be left behind. As bad as your situation is, Jesus will carry you through it. As difficult as your struggle is, Jesus will bring you to the end one day. Moreover, remember that He will never cast you off. As much as you screw up and fail, Jesus will not abandon you. If you are His sheep, He will come get you. You cannot push Him away, because He is stronger than you.

And, as the blog post mentioned at the beginning makes clear, follow your shepherd in this attitude. Since he treats you this way, treat your brothers and sisters this way. Do not leave anyone behind. Do not give up on someone. Keep loving. Keep calling. Keep praying. Keep caring. Keep coming. Keep giving. It may be inconvenient – in fact, it will be. It may be messy – in fact, it will be. But this is what our Savior did for us, and we should follow Him. Amazingly, He will use us as part of His means to hold them fast.

If we love the brothers and sisters, we will find the Savior right beside us loving them as well. His strength will be ours, and His grace and mercy to help will be ours as well. Jesus loves us and Jesus loves them. We should love Him in return, and we should love them as well.