Live By the Word (Ephesians 1:3)

After his initial greeting in Ephesians 1-2, Paul launches into an eruption of praise to God for the blessings God has poured out on His people. The blessings are many, and they are incredible. Paul lays them out so that we would join him in praising God. Do you feel as if you have no reason to praise God? Do you struggle with wanting to praise Him? If you are a Christian, meditate on Paul’s words in Ephesians 1:3-14, and you will find reason to praise – regardless of your situation. Continue reading Live By the Word (Ephesians 1:3)

Live By the Word (Genesis 2)

Genesis 2 is an expanded version of Genesis 1:26-30. After finishing the creation story by describing God’s rest on the seventh day, we are given a more detailed picture of the way in which God made man in his image. The main point of Genesis 1 is that God created everything. The main point of Genesis 2 is that God created man to have dominion over the creation and gave him everything he needed to do it. Continue reading Live By the Word (Genesis 2)

The Bible Is Our Authority (Scripture, Part 2)

Why do we care so much whether the Bible is God’s Word or not? Can’t we just read it like any other good book of helpful advice? Can’t we just take what we find useful and ignore the rest?

Not exactly. If the Bible – in its entirety – is God’s Word, then refusing to believe the Bible is refusing to believe God. And refusing to obey the Bible is refusing to obey God. Continue reading The Bible Is Our Authority (Scripture, Part 2)

Sunday Sermon (Zechariah 6)

This morning’s sermon was preached by Steven Robertson from Zechariah 6.

In Steven’s words: “We all have two needs at the core of our being: the need to be ruled and the need to be loved. In other words, we need a King and a Priest. That’s what Zechariah 6 is about. And ultimately, Zechariah 6 points us to Jesus, who is the mighty King and the Great High Priest. He rules over us, but rules over us in unfathomable love. I hope Zechariah 6 is an encouragement to you.”

Audio and notes are available here.

Give it a look or a listen, and be encouraged!

Letter (To a Struggling Sheep)

Dear friend,

I thought of you this morning. I thought of your struggle and the challenges you are currently facing, and I was moved to pray for you. I was also moved to encourage you. As one of God’s beloved children and as one of the sheep of His flock, I was reminded of Psalm 23 and all the encouragement it provides. I write this now with hope that it will nourish your soul and bring you to a greater rest in your Shepherd. Continue reading Letter (To a Struggling Sheep)

Live By the Word (Ephesians 1:1-2)

The letter to the Ephesians was most likely written near the end of Paul’s life while he was imprisoned in Rome. The letter holds up the glory of Jesus Christ – how he came to save sinners who were enemies and make them children of God. It holds up the wisdom and power of God in planning such things before the world ever began and then carrying those plans out to perfection. And it holds up the way followers of Christ should live in light of the incredible salvation they have received. For all those reasons – among others – it is still extremely relevant for us today. Continue reading Live By the Word (Ephesians 1:1-2)

Live by the Word (Genesis 1)

As yesterday’s post demonstrated, one focus of this blog will be “theology” – systematically walking through the fundamental truths of the Christian faith and seeking to apply them to our lives.

Today’s post will demonstrate another focus: simple Biblical reflection and application. Beginning today, we will walk through specific books of the Bible section by section. Lord willing, we will consider one section from the Old Testament and one section from the New Testament each week – beginning with Genesis and Ephesians. In this way, I pray that we will have yet another avenue for meditating on God’s Word and applying it to our lives.

So we begin with Genesis 1.  Continue reading Live by the Word (Genesis 1)

The Bible is God’s Word (Scripture, Part 1)

The foundational truth for every Christian is that the Bible is God’s Word. If we do not have a reliable source of revelation, we are left to our own assumptions, and we will very quickly find ourselves floundering in a sea of personal opinions.

Thankfully, God has not left us in such a position. As He has done throughout history, God has ensured that His people have a clear Word from Him (Heb. 1:1). Continue reading The Bible is God’s Word (Scripture, Part 1)

Restarting the Blog

With the turn of the new year, we are going to make an attempt to “restart” this blog. Lord willing, we will provide regular posts containing Scriptural, theological, and cultural reflections and observations as well as occasional links to other helpful articles.

The hope – as in everything – is that this blog might serve to glorify God by pointing people to Jesus Christ and His truth so that the body of Christ might be built up. Grace and peace to you who read.