Live By the Word (Genesis 2)

Genesis 2 is an expanded version of Genesis 1:26-30. After finishing the creation story by describing God’s rest on the seventh day, we are given a more detailed picture of the way in which God made man in his image. The main point of Genesis 1 is that God created everything. The main point of Genesis 2 is that God created man to have dominion over the creation and gave him everything he needed to do it. Continue reading Live By the Word (Genesis 2)

Live by the Word (Genesis 1)

As yesterday’s post demonstrated, one focus of this blog will be “theology” – systematically walking through the fundamental truths of the Christian faith and seeking to apply them to our lives.

Today’s post will demonstrate another focus: simple Biblical reflection and application. Beginning today, we will walk through specific books of the Bible section by section. Lord willing, we will consider one section from the Old Testament and one section from the New Testament each week – beginning with Genesis and Ephesians. In this way, I pray that we will have yet another avenue for meditating on God’s Word and applying it to our lives.

So we begin with Genesis 1.  Continue reading Live by the Word (Genesis 1)