God is Perfectly Wise (God, Part 7)

We saw last time that God knows everything. Today, I want to push one step farther: not only does God know everything, but He also knows what to do with everything He knows. This is the distinction between knowledge and wisdom. Knowledge has to do with facts. Wisdom has to do with the application of facts. Knowledge is the accumulation of data. Wisdom is the application and use of that data. It is possible to have knowledge without wisdom, but it is impossible to have wisdom without knowledge. Not only is God “omniscient” (meaning He knows everything) but He is also all-wise. Put simply: this means that God knows precisely what to do with all the things He knows. Based on His perfect knowledge, He knows what is best and most valuable and most worthwhile, and He also knows the best way to reach and obtain those things. He knows everything, and He also knows how best to put all that knowledge to use.

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God Knows Everything (God, Part 6)

We have seen before that God is not limited in any way. He is eternal – meaning He is not limited by time. He is also everywhere – meaning He is not limited by space. Today, we will see another way in which He is not limited: He knows everything. In fancy “preacher language”, He is “omniscient” – which means “all-knowing”.

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God Is Everywhere (God, Part 5)

Previously, we saw that God is unlimited with regard to time. Even though we – as humans – are bound by the limits of time, He is not. There is another arena in which we are limited while God is not, and that is the arena of space. As human beings we can be in only one place at a time. We must make choices because of the limits of our nature. God, however, is left with no such choices. The Bible is clear that He is “omnipresent” – that is, He is present in all places all the time.

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